Gravity Cycles: A Bike Sharing Solution

Our Experience

We value the social nature of bicycle sharing and it’s ability to re-shape communities transportation culture, health of its residents and positive economical impacts.  We have successfully planned, implemented and managed operational teams on large scale municipal bicycle sharing programs in the United States.

As the industry has evolved in Europe and now the United States, Gravity Cycles sees a tremendous opportunity domestically and abroad to advise bicycle sharing start-ups, business, vendors, governments and communities so that we can address the real transportation, health and environmental issues we face today. Our triple bottom line focus (people, planet, profit) is at the heart of our mission and Gravity Cycles hands-on experience and high level of customer focus allows us to add tremendous value to your project.

Our Solutions

Gravity Cycles’s provides the knowledge and experience required to consult bicycle sharing start-ups.  We have learned the lessons of the industry and continue to grow and evolve with this movement. Our expertise includes the planning, implementation and operations of  large scale municipal bicycle sharing programs; including launching sophisticated turn-key 4th generation systems in the United States.

We advise and consult for a variety of clients whom are inquiring about getting a program started to those who are deeply involved with operating programs. Our passion is building the right team for your project. This includes proper research and feasibility analysis, planning, business development, marketing and sales, technical aptitude for both hardware and software systems and creative program design covering all facets of what is required to develop a successful program.